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King Of Thieves – Movie Reviews

There’s a charming little subset of heist films about elderly men pulling off bank jobs, often out of boredom, and the authorities struggling to reconcile these crafty old geezers with the much younger hoodlums they might have expected. Just last year, Robert Redford evoked his Sundance Kid days by playing a genteel stickup artist in The Old Man & the Gun. But the tradition goes back as far as the 1951 Ealing Studios classic The Lavender Hill Mob, about a whimsical gold-smuggling scheme, and the 1979 George Burns-Art Carney-Lee Strasberg team-up Going in Style, about glum retirees and widowers looking to improve their diminished lifestyle. (The latter was remade to lesser effect in 2017 with Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin in the lead roles.)

Though these films will occasionally have a sliver of melancholy, they’re more inclined to look at their thieves as cute — to be admired for their ingenuity and feistiness rather than to be understood as criminals. In that sense, King of Thieves, inspired by the real-life 2015 burglary of the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit company in London, is unique. The four elderly men responsible for the burglary — which netted up to 200 million British pounds in cash, jewels and other valuables — are not your friendly shuffleboarders next door but experienced criminals who have no respect for the law, little respect for each other and no apparent feeling for the term “honor among thieves.”



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