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Indie Filmmaker Sue Dontell Invites You To Ask God: an interview on the Hangin With Web Show

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Host and Award Winning Author & Journalist GW Pomichter interviews Indie Filmmaker Sue Dontell during the 2018 Melbounre Independent Filmmakers Festival in Melbourne Florida.

Sue Dontell is an independent filmmaker who’s latest film, Snake Boy appeared at the Melbourne Independent Film Festival. An 18 year veteran of the the festival, Sue also serves as president of Space Coast United Filmmakers and Associates, said she strives to create movies with heart, but that sentimentality is generally frowned upon in the elite echelons of the movie industry and that romantic comedies are very different now than they were in the days of Clark Gable, according to a Florida Today article. “It used to be you’d use your imagination to know a couple had sex, but now it’s all graphic,” said Dontell, who has written screenplays for several locally produced romantic films, including her 2007 comedy “Hoity Toity” and 2010 drama “Follow Your Dreams.” Her latest endeavor is a film entitled Ask God…for more info see the Go Fund Me link below
Sue Dontell On The Web:

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