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Essex Green – Music Review

Essex Green is a pop/folk combo of considerable merit, although their recent hiatus left fans wondering about a possible return. Happily then, Hardly Electronic provides the happy happenstance their devotees were hoping for. All upbeat, giddy melodies, the Essex essentials are still intact in the combined vocals of Sasha Green, Jeff Baron and Christopher Ziter, as well as through the uptempo tunes they deliver along the way. Both sweetly sublime and flush with undiminished exuberance, the 14 tunes that make up the new album ring with a distinctly ‘60s sensibility that recalls an era when innocence and enthusiasm found equal standing. Every offering here provides a sense of sheer joy, an uplifting attitude undiminished by the test of time. As a mood-changer, it can take its listeners from grumpy to good, while providing a wonderful additive a day that demands a lift from lethargy or merely some extra exhilaration. Hardly Electronic is hardly worth missing.



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