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Clarence Bucaro – Music Review

makes music that catches hold immediately, creating an instant lump in the throat while seizing on the senses. His current effort, Passionate Kind, is the latest in a line of exceptional efforts that affirm Bucaro’s talents as a singer-songwriter who deserves to grab the attention and soar to the top of the charts in the process. Possessing an easy, unassuming vocal, and relying only on his engaging and appealing melodies, he wrings emotion and results that have his songs sounding like storied standards even from the get go. The back and forth dialogue that pits “Where Do I Go” with the track that follows, “Maybe You Should Go” is an ideal example. The former purveys a wounded remorse reminiscent of Blood on the Tracks, while the latter sounds so unerringly familiar, it leaves no obstacles in the way as far as getting under the skin. Indeed, there’s not a single song here that doesn’t resonate even on first hearing. Bucaro boasts a talent that’s preternatural but without pretense. Likewise, there’s never been an album that’s boasted a more tellingly descriptive title.



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