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Ana Egge – Music Review

Raised by hippies on a small farm in a remote region of North Dakota, Ana Egge reflected on the ways of the world from a viewpoint of isolation and introspect. Her music reflects those wide-eyed sentiments and the wonders it embraced. Honesty is instilled in her music, and after some eight albums to date, she’s become a source of serenity in both sound and suggestion. That’s especially true on her newest release, White Tiger, ten songs that reflect that sublime sense of wonder and wanderlust. It’s an exquisite album in every sense, radiating warmth and serenity with her usual hushed reverence. Many of the songs rarely rise above a whisper, but given that each is imbued with such carefully nurtured tenderness and sentiment, they still manage to catch the ear even on first encounter. Credit Egge with capturing attention in a noisy world of cacophony and turmoil, and still emerging well above the fray. White Tigerresonates not with a roar, but with quiet contemplation.



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