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What service does the “ Online Platform” provide to the Artist who register?

Our mission is to be a talent incubator by empowering Film and Music independent artist by providing them with a free online promotional aggregation engine powered by human experience behavior based Artificial intelligence. Inartmedia provides its members of industry professionals with a media aggregation service to help members promote their film or music. There are thousands of different websites that you can showcase yourself, but only Inartmedia  gives you both the aggregation and media flexibility to promote yourself.

“Post It” only peeks, Interviews, trailers, truncates, EPKs spanning from high profile celebrities to independent cast and crew. Independent music producers, fine artist, graffiti artist, studio and Independent movie producers, directors, writers, singers, musicians, poets, hip hop artists, models, dancers, actors, web designers, game designers, up and coming guys, strippers 🙂 or just about anyone who is trying or has made in the art industries.

This makes it nearly impossible for ‘non-promoted’ media to appear in search results. We are estimating that a year from today, more than 100 hours of video will be uploaded to media sharing sites used by many artist and creators to distribute their content.

With our Free service “iAm” we only blast your media for one week from the time you posted it in your profile, so you only need to return to your profile once a week, and only if you have something you want to promote like a movie premiere, tv show, web series, demo reel, movie, trailer, record release, song, album, etc. Today, more than 48 hours (two days worth) of media are uploaded to video, music, and photo sharing sites every minute, a 37% increase over the last six months and 100% over last year.

Inartmedia Originals

  1. I see you create a few shows under “Inartmeida originals” , does the “Inartmedia Originals – Artist Showcase Series” interview filmmakers, musicians, and fine artist?
  2. Do you develop, produce, and promote your “Inartmedia Originals” for no-profit, and  no product placement?
  3. When posting on is each video individually and separately promoted using the (patient pending) A.I.-Match-Content-to-Audience-Behavior-Aggregation-Network (AIMCABAN)?
  4. What “Video-on-Demand (VOD)”, “Streaming TV Networks”, and “Cable TV channels” list “Inartmedia Originals”?

Sample episode…

Inartmedia (iAM) interviews are an upbeat, uncensored, viral web series “showcasing the independently famous” by interviewing independent artists, managers, musicians, filmmakers, actors, singers, producers, and songwriters from around the world, from high profile celebrities to struggling independent artists.

We are not just a pair of talking heads, but a fusion series, combining spontaneous and uncensored. The showcase can be viewed everywhere and each of our micro-TV web series consists of 3-5 minutes of original content refreshed on a schedule, weekly, or bi-weekly depending on the web series or guest. The unique nature of the iAm series is the cinematic experience. Our exclusive ‘inter-dramas’ (interviews dramatized) have become very popular providing entertainment as well as educational information.

The iAm interview series is an uncensored Peek Into Industry, Art and Media. Producing Uncensored interactive show you won’t see anywhere else. The iAm original interview series are unique because each episode is specifically formatted to the guest, cross-cutting sketches with an appropriate look, feel, pacing, tone tailored to the artist being interviewed. With thousands of online viral viewers and growing every day. In addition, our entire video archive is distributed through 100 top video streaming websites.

Coming Soon.. 

iAm will offer “Producer Level” contracts available to amateurs to professional producers around the world, allowing users a chance to contribute content directly to the InArtMedia’s showcase series. “Producer Level” generated content can be uploaded and remixed with JayCut, then virally posted into the iAm interview series. (Viral micro-TV web series for internet communities that allow viewers to contribute, share and distribute content.) .. be on the look out, CLICK to subscribe and stay informed for this member feature;

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